• Remote support for 100% Inspection

    If your A&D inspection system is networked we can help. When a remote session is initiated our technicians see exactly what you see which reduces the need to troubleshoot highly technical issues on phone calls. Your time is valuable, let us help you maximise it through our remote offering.

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    Remote support for 100% Inspection
  • What inspection system do I need?

    Speak to one of our team who will provide a consultative approach to help determine where to best take advantage of inspection technologies to increase your efficiency, quality, and throughput.

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    What inspection system do I need?
  • Supermarket compliance in the Food Industry

    “Fail-Safe” is a common term that gets discussed when designing a supermarket compliant inspection & reject system, and primarily revolves around ensuring that a non-compliant product is confirmed as “rejected” and more importantly, if it is somehow missed by the reject system, that a secondary alarm/action is triggered.

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    Supermarket compliance in the Food Industry
  • Are your Inspection Systems due for a maintenance check-up?

    Contact our dedicated team of factory trained service technicians, who can provide QA validation, calibration, legal verification, repair and on-site service for many brands of weighing and inspection systems.

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    Are your Inspection Systems due for a maintenance check-up?
  • Industrial & Analytical Weighing Scales

    At A&D, we create technology that connects the analog and digital world. Our range of scales and measurement products include:

    • Industrial & Platform Scales
    • Analytical & Micro Balances
    • Moisture Analysers & Viscometers
    • & Many more

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    Industrial & Analytical Weighing Scales
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    Introducing A&D READY, Remote Support
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    What inspection system do I need?
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    Supermarket compliance in the Food Industry
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    Are your Inspection Systems due for a maintenance check-up?
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    Industrial & Analytical Weighing Scales

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Increase quality control and reduce giveaway with A&D’s range of in-line checkweighers that can be customised to your application, environment, and legal requirements. A&D’s versatile solutions are easy to incorporate into your existing production lines, from food and beverage, pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals.

Discover Checkweighing now

X-ray Inspection

X-ray Inspection

Increase consumer and brand protection with next level quality assurance. The ProteX Series uses advanced algorithms in a compact design to provide inspection for contaminants such as metals and bone fragments, but also consumer quality issues, such as clumps, missing/damaged product, and broken seals.

Discover X-ray Inspection

Metal Detectors

Metal Detection

Our industrial grade in-line metal detection systems can detect ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel contaminants while minimising false rejects. Beyond sensitivity testing, this series offers a user-friendly interface, high repeatability, Q.A reporting, and automated monitoring.

Learn more about Metal Detectors

Service Program

Service Program

Just like any other equipment, inspection systems need care and maintenance to function properly. Find out how a service plan from A&D helps ensure performance, maximize uptime, and provide peace of mind in a package that suits your business’ needs.

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Inspection Simplified Product Range

AND Weighing

ProteX X-ray Inspection Introduction

AND Weighing

A&D Upgrade For Newtec Bag Weigher

AND Weighing

What our customer’s are saying

Faced with an incredibly pressing and daunting situation, we contacted A&D requesting their assistance. They immediately prioritised our needs and supported the urgency of our situation completely, by sharing expert advice and guidance, delivered in a manner that was both calming and professional. The level of service, accessibility and expertise offered by A&D was not only outstanding but also great comfort in our time of need. They went above and beyond, and we have no reservations in passionately recommending their services to the trade.

Natalie SavageCharlesworth Nuts

A great feature is that it informs the technician about whether the container is an acceptable weight not only by sound but by color. When the product goes across the checkweigher it will light the indicator in a green, yellow, or red light. If the indicator light is red, an alarm sound will activate to signal the packaging technician that the weight is wrong in that container. This allows us to accurately fill our containers with confidence.

Sheila SmithDechra Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing

I knew if we could incorporate an inline checkweigher as part of our production process, we could catch and reject bags that were over or under weight right as they came through – and before they were sent out to end-customers. Customer satisfaction is up, costs for replacement fulfillment are down; and Production division revenue is up approximately 20 percent, due to the ability to run at a much higher volume.

Häfele, Austin Brackney

The checkweigher has provided validation of the line regarding weight consistency, therefor providing evidence that the new practices put in place to control weights was successful. Other than being able to avoid the costly incident elsewhere in the industry, we are able to monitor and control “ giveaways”. This maximizes profit, reduces waste and most importantly allows for better planning through a more controlled approach to raw material management.

Paul DisroseChobani

Brand Protection
Brand Protection
Locally Stocked
Locally Stocked
Return on Investment (ROI)
Return on Investment (ROI)
Quality Control
Quality Control

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A&D Inspection specialises in helping Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Plastics and other businesses ensure consistency and quality in their production lines.

No matter your industry, A&D will partner with you to customise the fit to your application, whether your focus is cost reduction, modularity, conformity, throughput, wet environment, and much more. Our systems are easy to use, simple to integrate, and a breeze to maintain.