After many years of frustrating electrical breakdowns with our older gravity-roller bag weighers, we were looking for an upgrade to our current set up. We approached A&D to look for a solution as they have been our preferred brand of checkweighers and metal detectors for several years. They consistently give the best sales and after sales support of any weighing/inspection company we have dealt with. A&D proposed an upgrade kit they developed which bolts straight onto the existing Newtec system to replace the ageing electronics and fix the issues we were having. The solution was very cost effective as significantly less than a complete replacement and required no modification to the existing frame, original load cell & pneumatic reject gate. Since installing A&D’s Newtec Upgrade Kit, we have seen a significant reduction in unplanned downtime as the A&D upgrade uses very modern but uncomplicated electrical hardware and their AD4413 touch-screen checkweighing controller. The operators also prefer the easy to navigate screen which aligns with all of the company’s other A&D Inspection Systems.

Thomas Jackson, Kalfresh Vegetables

The team at A&D were more than happy to plan and manufacture our specialised scanning / weighing system, with great communication along the process of design, manufacture and installation. We ended up with a machine that exceeded our expectations.

James Vikery, LongReach Plant Breeders management P/L

Faced with an incredibly pressing and daunting situation, we contacted A&D Weighing, requesting their assistance. They immediately prioritised our needs and supported the urgency of our situation completely, by sharing expert advice and guidance, delivered in a manner that was both calming and professional. The level of service, accessibility and expertise offered by A&D was not only outstanding but also great comfort in our time of need. They went above and beyond, and we have no reservations in passionately recommending their services to the trade.

Natalie Savage, Charlesworth Nuts

We required inspection machinery for our new punnet line. 350km from Brisbane we have strong relationships with the companies that support us locally and A’Asia Scales suggested we consider A&D’s gear. We were surprised they could bring it to site for a demonstration and it seemed the best mix of price, ease of use & quality. We used the checkweigher for first half of the season then added a metal detector to complete the line. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend A&D’s machine and A’Asia Scales service to anyone looking for such a system, it’s been a positive experience.

L & M Simpson, Glasshouse & Packhouse Owners

We have had a A&D Check weigher in operation for nearly a year and have had no issues with it. We pack 200 g grape tomato punnets at between 35- 40 units a minute. The check weigher was very simple to add into our current packing line. We find it user friendly. It is very easy to call up average pack weights, rejections and over- weights. Making changes to set points is also simple. Cleaning of the unit is easy with all belts very easy to detach and the rejection paddles for over and under weights works well.

A & M Norman, Glasshouse & Packhouse Owners

A&D’s EZI-checkweigher has proven to be an innovative product, ‘low’ cost with ‘big’ features, and also evidently no compromise on quality and durability. Backed-up by a highly skilled A&D team, always available to support. The Australasia Scales’ Sales and Service teams have found this product to be easy to offer and easy to maintain. A true long term valuable addition to our product range.

Wes Sherriff, Australasia Scales

We purchased a checkweigher from A&D (model AD-4961 EZI Check) and have been really happy with it. The reason for us to choose this model and brand over others is the quality, size and function options that it has for our particular business needs. Most importantly it re-checks our 200g punnets accurately ready for supermarket sale. Also, we were referred to Julian from A&D by another business so that was another deciding factor as the service quality was already there. Overall we have been very happy with this checkweigher and the quality of service and knowledge that A&D have provided to us when we needed.

P & V Lee, Farm & Packhouse Owners

A great feature is that it informs the technician about whether the container is an acceptable weight not only by sound but by color. When the product goes across the checkweigher it will light the indicator in a green, yellow, or red light. If the indicator light is red, an alarm sound will activate to signal the packaging technician that the weight is wrong in that container. This allows us to accurately fill our containers with confidence.

Sheila Smith, Dechra Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing

I knew if we could incorporate an inline checkweigher as part of our production process, we could catch and reject bags that were over or under weight right as they came through – and before they were sent out to end-customers. Customer satisfaction is up, costs for replacement fulfillment are down; and Production division revenue is up approximately 20 percent, due to the ability to run at a much higher volume.

Häfele, Austin Brackney

The ability to weigh products to such a high degree of accuracy with the data point support has really allowed me to reinvent our quality program.

Atlas Putty Products, Keith Haskins

The checkweigher has provided validation of the line regarding weight consistency, therefor providing evidence that the new practices put in place to control weights was successful. Other than being able to avoid the costly incident elsewhere in the industry, we are able to monitor and control “ giveaways”. This maximizes profit, reduces waste and most importantly allows for better planning through a more controlled approach to raw material management.

Paul Disrose, Chobani