Data Capture

Capturing all data

A&D’s wide range of weighing instruments and Inspection Systems are used for taking precise, reliable and rapid measurements. In many cases these readings and results are just visually observed by the operator of the instrument but in recent years there is an increasing demand for automated data capture and reporting, enabling modern business to proactively monitor processes and create constant opportunity for productivity improvement. The other aspect of data capture is to enable automated and 100% product reporting to meet your customer requirements and expectations.

A&D can assist in many ways with a total data capture solution. This can be as simple as our free software utilities, designed to connect an A&D instrument or system directly into popular PC applications, or we also offer fully automated data capture and efficiency monitoring solutions. Agricultural packing sheds are a very good example where A&D provides fully networked scales and inspection systems with software to monitor pack quality as well as packer performance.

Other solutions we offer can form part of an AQS (Average Quantity System) if your business is producing packaged goods under those guidelines.

Chat to your local A&D representative to discuss how our locally supported weight data capture solutions can assist and improve your business processes.

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Data Capture