About A&D

About A&D Inspection

At A&D, we create technology that connects the analog and digital world, and we hold ourselves to high standards because people around the world rely on us for information that can affect their businesses and their brands.

Leveraging A&D’s more than 40 years of experience with technology innovation in the development of precision measurement and control products, A&D Inspection provides quality assurance and critical control points for application in myriad manufacturing industries

We know that PRECISION is what drives us across all of our businesses. It doesn’t matter if you need a blood pressure monitor, a laboratory balance, an industrial scale, or a metal detector for your manufacturing facility, precision is likely to be important to you, too.

That’s why A&D has embraced DISCOVER PRECISION, which means that we commit to a leading role in bringing precision through innovative solutions to the world.

A&D Australasia Pty Ltd operates a Quality Management System which complies with ISO 9001:2015. Click here to view.

A&D Australasia Pty Ltd have attained NATA accreditation for Laboratory Balance and Industrial Weighing Instrument testing & reporting. Click here to view

Sustainability Policy for A&D Australasia Pty. Click here to view

A&D Inspection is a division of A&D, a wholly owned subsidiary of A&D Company Ltd.  The company is best known as a multinational measurement and control equipment manufacturer with international headquarters in Japan, plus operations and distribution centers in Japan, Australia, Korea, China, Europe, Great Britain, Russia, India and North and South America.