Analysing moisture in fertilisers

A&D ML-50 moisture analyser


Maintaining the right amount of moisture content in fertilisers is very important to the grading and quality of the fertilisers. Issues can arise if the final product is either too wet or too dry and can lead to significant product quality issues.

Always looking to improve their processes, Neutrog – an organic fertiliser manufacturer based in South Australia, contacted A&D Weighing.

To start, a small sample from Neutrog’s production was collected and some preliminary tests were conducted by A&D Weighing Moisture Balance on these samples. The results of these tests and real-time graphing displays were then shared with Neutrog.


The key features of the A&D Moisture Analysers are:

• Fast and uniform heating
• Moisture content of up to 0.001% resolution can be measured
• High repeatability and various selectable heating modes available
• Five year warranty, and more

Based on the results of the preliminary tests, Neutrog purchased the A&D ML-50 moisture analyser, and are now able to analyse their organic products quickly and effectively, producing superior quality products.

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