Flipper Rejector

The most common type of inspection system rejector is the flipper. Defective products are pushed aside by the rejector arms.

  • Up to 120 pcs/min
  • Dual Channel Rejector
  • Compatible with AD-4961-2KD-2035


Dual paddles allow the system to short underweight and overweight product.

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  • Model AD-4981-2057
    Conveyor belt width 200mm
    Conveyor length 570mm
    Screening capacity1 120pcs/min
    Air supply2 0.5MPa, 0.1 NL/time

    1 Depends on the shape and the condition of the product and installation environment.
    2 Please prepare an air compressor with a Φ6mm air tube to be connected to the filter regulator of the rejector.

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    A&D Australiasia has a nation wide dealer network with outlets in all capital cities and in most regional locations. Call Toll Free 1800 241 434 for the location of your nearest dealer.

    My product requires service/repair, how do I arrange this?

    Contact the A&D Australiasia Service department on 08 8301 8120 or at [email protected] and they can advise on and coordinate your service requirement.