Introducing: A&D’s Mobile Demo Van

Earlier this month, A&D Australasia had its first trade show using their brand new A&D demonstration truck.

One of the unique aspects of our modular inspection system design is the ability to take them out to a customer for a demonstration, especially the checkweigher. As the range has now expanded to offer a full end-of-line inspection solution (including x-ray, metal detectors and checkweigher systems), A&D Australasia has invested in a fully mobile “DEMO DEMO DEMO” vehicle, allowing us to bring our complete range directly to customers’ premises and showcase all of our inspection technology.

A&D Australasia purchased a VW Crafter bare cab-chassis van and engaged a local truck body building company (Aldom Industries) to design and build a showroom style body with a fold down side.

In a similar manner to a mobile home or RV, the van has a mains power connection enabling it to be plugged into a regular domestic power supply.

Customers can easily access the van through the backdoor to view the A&D inspection systems in action when we visit their premises, while at trade shows, the fold down side will open up to reveal a complete mobile exhibition.

Fitted with LED lighting and a separate aircon unit, the “Demo Van”, as it is affectionately named, creates a truly mobile showroom facility, perfect for customer meetings or trade events.

A&D Australasia sees this as a great opportunity to access some regional trade shows in the agriculture sector plus it could potentially be deployed as “Inspection For Hire” when customers have a contamination issue and need to check products rather than disposing of them.

During the first week of March, the sales team at A&D Australasia’s Adelaide HQ used the van for the first time at a local food industry expo. They were able to literally drive into the building, park at the designated booth area, open up the side panel and turn on the power.

The ease of setting up and packing down was a totally different experience to the usual lengthy time and hassle.  This is a really exciting investment by A&D Australasia, and we look forward to using the Demo Van to effectively and efficiently showcase our inspection systems, and further cement our position in the Australian Inspection Systems market.