A&D EZICheck System Customised for Leading NZ Automation Company

A&D Australasia’s Inspection Systems Division was recently approached by Reynolds Group Ltd, one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers of complete end-of-line solutions for the manufacturing sector. Reynolds Group has an enviable reputation for delivering world-class industrial technology with complete, turn-key systems, so they expected nothing short of a premium solution.


The primary objectives were clear:

  • Supply an end-of-line weighing system that can weigh 10kg of whole capsicums packed in reusable plastic crates or cardboard boxes.
  • Intelligent storage of product information with easy extraction for quality assurance.
  • The checkweigher needs to easily integrate with existing established lines and equipment.
  • System design needs to be robust with food grade stainless steel (easy to clean and maintain).
  • System controls including the large colour touch screen interface needs to be user-friendly.

Large Capacity Checkweigher
Using A&D Japan’s popular touch screen intelligent checkweighing controller, the A&D Australasia design team went to work to produce a high capacity checkweigher. The complete system – which consists of an infeed conveyor, weighing conveyor, control unit, and a push ram rejecter, has a throughput of over 30 pieces per minute with +/- 0.02kg accuracy.

This large capacity checkweigher was built, tested, inspected, delivered and training completed within budget and time-frame.

The benefits of this inspection system are significant:

  • Real time monitoring of product weight deviations, and efficient weighing technology significantly increases the speed and precision of the entire production.
  • Improves QA & QC reporting – able to record and store the weight of every product.
  • Audio guidance support via the user-friendly touchscreen interface facilitates smooth production runs.
  • Moderates overfilling and wastage to improve profit margins and reduce giveaways.
  • Outstanding value for money and peace of mind.

This is an example of A&D Australasia continuing to provide high-quality inspection solutions to industries in Australia and New Zealand. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your requirements.