Passionate about Pasta

A&D Weighing were recently contacted by one of Australia’s leading pasta manufacturers Alligator Brand, to help further improve their inspection process.
Passionate about Pasta
Alligator Brand has been manufacturing pasta in Melbourne’s inner west for over 20 years and is supplying quality product to over 300 businesses worldwide. As their client list continues to grow, Alligator Brand is constantly looking for ways to further improve their quality systems.
Alligator Brand is renowned for their premium quality products, so they expected a premium solution:

  • Superior metal detection system for food production line;
  • Local service and technical support.
  • A&D’s EZI-Check™ Metal Detector allows the customer to accurately control the quality output of their production lines to ensure they align with our high Australian industry standards.
    The EZI-Check™ Metal Detector is Japanese designed to provide an exceptional level of performance, accuracy and reliability, and the compact frame ensures minimal factory space is taken up.
    A&D Weighing is proud to provide Alligator Brand with the innovative EZI-Check™ Metal Detector, helping to protect the welfare of their customers, and to safeguard their production processes & reputation.

    After all, “If you don’t measure it, you can’t control it”

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