The Business Challenge

With our Australian winter well underway, hearty soups are flying off the shelves in supermarkets, at ready-made food companies, and food wholesalers etc.

The upward trend in consumer buying, particularly when it comes to freshly made convenient food, has seen many food and beverage factories boost their production capabilities by deploying more efficient and effective ways to expand their production lines.

The example below shows our Checkweigher system inspecting tubs of soup on a production line.

In this video example, 130 tubs per minute are being checked and validated during production.

The Results

Detect | Soup-erb Solution 

The benefits of an A&D inspection system are significant and return on investment is immediately established:

  • Faster, more efficient weighing process, releasing extra labour for other tasks
  • Improved batch QA & QC – able to record gross batch weights and individual flour weights
  • Locally designed & manufactured solution and easily supported
  • In the last few years, A&D have now installed over 300 Checkweighing systems across Australia into companies both large & small.
    If you’d like to see one of these systems first hand then get in touch with your local A&D office or Authorised A&D Partner.

    Have a look at the video example below…

    AND Weighing

    Soup-erb Solution Simplified

    About A&D Inspection

    Why Trust A&D Inspection?

    From raw ingredients to the store shelves, product inspection is a key component of ensuring quality in your manufacturing facility, one you shouldn’t trust to just anyone.

    • A&D is an established global company that has been a trusted provider of long-lasting and reliable measurement instrumentation for over 40 years.
    • A&D provides checkweighers and metal detectors suitable for direct food contact, meeting USDA standards.
    • Our systems can handle the environment and are designed to deliver reliable and repeatable results, and they are commonly used throughout the food and beverage industry today.
    • Our intuitive software and user interface is easy to configure, making product changeover as simple as pressing a button.
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