Major Tomato Producer Implements Local Weight Data Solution

major-tomato-producer_1A&D’s powerful Multiweigher 3000 weight data suite has recently been implemented to capture the weights of tomato trusses growing in a new high-tech glasshouse just north of Adelaide.

With several Dutch automated process systems already in use at the glasshouse, A&D’s technical team were contacted to:

  • Facilitate better weighing accuracy which aligns with Australian Weights & Measures Guidelines;
  • To provide superior data capture intelligence compatible with the Dutch supplied equipment;
  • To provide local service and technical support.

Reviewing the customer’s requirements and taking the new state of the art facility into consideration, A&D’s locally approved & supported weighing hardware and the A&D Multiweigher 3000 software package became the obvious solution.

Firstly, the A&D technical team installed replacement indicators (A&D’s FSi-D models) to the pre-pack lines and the truss production lines. These indicators were fitted with wireless serial data servers which transmit the data via the company’s wireless network to a designated PC. These integrated seamlessly with the existing loadcells, minimizing physical disruption.


The A&D Multiweigher 3000 software allows the customer to accurately monitor the tomato truss production lines; ensuring better measurement control of their production operations. The A&D Multiweigher package allows capture of all weights, not only from the newly implemented A&D scales, but also from the customer’s existing inline checkweighers.

Furthermore, A&D installed an optical counter at the end of the production lines to cross check the count data, validating the production accuracy all managed by the single and very cost effective software package.


Some significant benefits achieved from A&D’s involvement are:

  • Waste reduction & minimised giveaways
  • Improved cost savings / profits
  • The facility to monitor operator efficiencies

A&D Australasia continue to prove that economical, Australian designed and manufactured solutions are a vital resource for local industry and are proud to continue to work with this SA tomato glasshouse facility to produce quality prime fruit now and into the future.

After all… “If you don’t measure it, you can’t control it”