Weighing Animals with a Portable Trolley


The Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources recently contacted A&D Weighing to create a customised portable trolley for a Post Entry Quarantine (PEQ) facility.

Australia currently enjoys very good animal health status, and is free from a number of cat and dog diseases. To ensure this continues, animals entering the country have to undertake a period of quarantine on arrival. Once the animals arrive at the quarantine stations, they will be checked and weighed.

A new PEQ facility in Mickleham, Victoria contacted A&D Weighing requesting a simple method to weigh incoming animals, primarily dogs, at their kennels rather than bringing them into a building, to avoid cross contamination and possible infections.

Their requirements were:

  • To quickly and accurately weigh animals whilst they are on the trolley.
  • In cases where the animal may be aggressive, it should be possible to weigh the animal whilst they are secured in a cage.
  • The weighing solution needed to be able to weigh animals in extra large cages.

The SD-200 trolley scale is fully portable and easy to manoeuvre, making it convenient to be moved around as and when needed. Its sturdy construction also allows it to handle large cages and heavy animals.

Animals don’t usually stay still whilst being weighed, which is why it is important to use a highly stable portable trolley scale. The SD-200 scale comes with a battery operated LCD display that is clearly visible, which means quarantine officers will be able to get the weight measurements quickly.

As the facility needed a scale to accommodate larger animal cages, this meant that a larger weighing surface than the normal SD-200 would be needed. As such, A&D manufactured an extra large stainless steel platform to suit.

A&D Weighing is proud to be part of this project and to be able to assist in a customised weighing solution.