Weighing Locomotives

CFCLA Australia is the leading provider of leased locomotive and rolling stock to rail operators around Australia. Its Islington maintenance facility, located in Adelaide, has purpose-built workshops to perform a complete range of services, including engineering design, overhaul and maintenance of locomotives.

The Islington facility also serves the maintenance of track plant and equipment, and has a business unit focused on manufacturing and maintenance for the defence industry in South Australia.

The objectives

CFCLA’s customer had an existing A&D AD4406 indicator connected to four non A&D compression load cells to give them the total weight reading of train carriages.

They reached out to A&D Weighing, as their customer needed them to provide individual corner weighing results and end-to-end weighing results. The process was to weigh the carriages prior to being gutted and refurbished, and then weigh them again once the refurbishment was completed.

The A&D solution

Our team provided CFCLA with four new individual indicators connected to their existing load cells, to allow them to achieve their corner weighing. Our team calibrated each indicator / load cell combination to 40t x 0.02t. This also increased their total capacity to 160t, allowing them to weigh large locomotives up to 130t in weight. The load cells were positioned using jacks on either side of the carriage.

We can’t wait to see The Ghan once the refurbishments to their luxury platinum carriages have been completed.

A&D Weighing is committed to helping our customers achieve their goals, and is always ready to provide customised solutions according to various requirements.