The Business Challenge

Alligator Brand has been manufacturing pasta in Melbourne’s inner west for over 25 years and is supplying quality products to over 300 businesses worldwide. As their client list continues to grow, Alligator Brand is constantly looking for ways to further improve their quality systems.
Alligator Brand is renowned for their premium quality products, so they expected a premium solution.

The A&D Metal Detector allows Alligator Brand to accurately control the quality output of their production lines to ensure they align with our high Australian industry standards. Japanese designed and locally supported to provide an exceptional level of performance, accuracy and reliability so Alligator can focus on producing fresh quality pasta.

The Results

Detect | Inspecting Fresh Pasta 

Following implementation of the AD-4971-3517 metal detector as part of their production process, improvements were immediately established.
Easy programming and data analysis capabilities in the product inspection equipment allowed for documentable audit trails and inspection history reports.

  • Detects metal contaminants in packaged products
  • Easy operation with 7 inch colour touch panel
  • Contributes to the delivery of safe consumer goods
  • A&D Inspection is proud to provide Alligator Brand with our Metal Detector, helping to protect the welfare of their customers, and to safeguard their production processes & reputation.

    AND Weighing

    Food Inspection Simplified

    About A&D Inspection

    Why Trust A&D Inspection?

    From raw ingredients to the store shelves, product inspection is a key component of ensuring quality in your manufacturing facility, one you shouldn’t trust to just anyone.

    • A&D is an established global company that has been a trusted provider of long-lasting and reliable measurement instrumentation for over 40 years.
    • A&D provides checkweighers and metal detectors suitable for direct food contact, meeting USDA standards.
    • Our systems can handle the environment and are designed to deliver reliable and repeatable results, and they are commonly used throughout the food and beverage industry today.
    • Our intuitive software and user interface is easy to configure, making product changeover as simple as pressing a button.
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