New! AD-4961A Checkweigher Series

AD-4961A Check weigher Series are equipped with a new CPU which has increased processing power, and the newly implemented vibration elimination filter HPDF (High Performance Digital Filter) has been optimized to increase accuracy at high speeds. Equipped with a 7-inch color touchscreen, AD-4961A series have high visibility and operability, and even first-time users can easily set up the system.

Download the product brochure below for full details on this new series.

Our in-line checkweighers are modular and easy to incorporate into your existing line.

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  • Model Specification for AD-4961A-2KD2035 (2kg unit) – refer to product brochure for alternatives
    Capacity 500 g /2,000 g
    Resolution 0.01g /0.1g
    Repeatability 0.08g / 0.18g +/-
    Max. Throughput 320 pcs/min
    Conveyor Belt width 200mm
    Conveyor belt length 350mm
    Conveyor Belt Material Urethane
    Belt Speed 15 ~ 120 m/min/min
    Max. Product Dimensions Length: 30 ~ 300 mm, Width: 200mm
    Weighing Sensor Strain gauge load cell
    Display 7″ color touch screen
    Number of product registration 1,000 items  (10 groups x 100 items)
    Comunication Protocol Modbus TCP / RTU | RS-232 / 485 | TCP/IP (Postscript Printer) | USB
    External input 8 contact inputs
    External output 8 24v outputs
    Dust/Water resistence rating IP65
    Operational Temperature and humidity  0 ~ 40 Celcius Humidity below 85%
    Power Supply Single Phase AC100-240V (+10% / -15%) 50/60 Hz 180 VA
    External Dimensions Length: 700mm / Width : 600mm / Height: 710-860 mm
    Weight Aprox. 35 kg
    Construction Material Stainless Steel
  • Where can I purchase this equipment?

    A&D Australiasia has a nation wide dealer network with outlets in all capital cities and in most regional locations. Call Toll Free 1800 241 434 for the location of your nearest dealer.

    My product requires service/repair, how do I arrange this?

    Contact the A&D Australiasia Service department on 08 8301 8120 or at [email protected] and they can advise on and coordinate your service requirement.