The Business Challenge

Yamachan – the “Ramen noodle for your needs” – produces various high quality, authentic Japanese Noodles for restaurants across the United States. The company manufactures customized noodles based on request and the needs of the restaurants it serves using Japanese-made machines and techniques. They also produce varieties of retail products including mild, rich, and no MSG noodle packages.

With restaurants as its primary business base, Yamachan wanted to ensure they were providing the same portion sizes in each package of noodles to maximize cost efficiencies for its customers. In addition, as a food manufacturer, the company is held to high standard for product contaminants, and wanted to make sure each package was free of metal fragments.

Product managers at A&D Inspection recommended installation of the AD-4971-3517 metal detector, the AD-4961-6k-3050 checkweigher with rejector for over- or under-weight products on the assembly line, and the ProteX X-ray inspection system as part of the production process and after the packing process. This combination ensures 100% Product Inspection for Yamachan.

The Results

Ramen Noodle Inspection 

Following implementation of the checkweigher and metal detector as part of the production process, improvements were immediately recognizable, and due to the easy programming and data analysis capabilities in the A&D Inspection equipment, immediate documentable audit trails and inspection history reported the following:

  • Accurate measurement within 1g +/- repeatability
  • Accurate metal detection readings down to 1mm Ferrous
  • Worker efficiency improved with a reduction of rework
  • Quality assurance team trusts A&D with inspection of over 180,000 packages per month
  • Yamachan also installed the new ProteX X-ray system to augment their quality assurance efforts. Watch the video below to see how X-ray inspection helps Yamachan detect foreign materials, including a variety of potential contaminants.

    AND Weighing

    Checkweighing and metal detection in the factory

    AND Weighing

    X-ray inspection of raw noodles

    About A&D Inspection

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    From raw ingredients to the store shelves, product inspection is a key component of ensuring quality in your manufacturing facility, one you shouldn’t trust to just anyone.

    • A&D is an established global company that has been a trusted provider of long-lasting and reliable measurement instrumentation for over 40 years.
    • A&D provides checkweighers and metal detectors suitable for direct food contact, meeting USDA standards.
    • Our systems can handle the environment and are designed to deliver reliable and repeatable results, and they are commonly used throughout the food and beverage industry today.
    • Our intuitive software and user interface is easy to configure, making product changeover as simple as pressing a button.
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